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Strona: [1]
Wersja: Heroes VI - Podstawowa
Wielkość: M - Srednia
Podziemia: Tak
Ilość graczy: wszystkich: 7 w tym jako ludzie: 6
Sojusze: 7
Język:   Angielski
Autor: Wulfgar1978
Rozmiar pliku: 895.37 KB
Data dodania: 03.12.2011
Dodał/a: jareQ
Pobrano: 3158 razy Zgłoś niedziałający link
OPIS: Once a land of great beauty, thousands would flock to visit The Great Canyon. That was before a great Necro Lord discovered a hidden evil in it's depths. Intent on controlling the evil, Lord Javed freed it from it's bonds. The canyon now glows an eary red and Lord Javed, aided by the evil beast Sarion, work diligently in converting the surrounding lands to a more hospitable landscape for their undead minions. Those who would stop the spread of evil suddenly find themselves fighting each other. The evil spreads.
Wersja: Heroes V - Dzikie Hordy
Wielkość: L - Duza
Podziemia: Tak
Ilość graczy: wszystkich: 7 w tym jako ludzie: 7
Sojusze: 0
Język:   Angielski
Autor: Davious Maximus
Rozmiar pliku: 1071.56 KB
Data dodania: 10.09.2014
Dodał/a: Sylath
Pobrano: 1406 razy Zgłoś niedziałający link
OPIS: One of the grandest geographical landmarks of the ancient world is also home to a variety of races, and cultures. Gracious lords and kings seek defend their kingdoms, as others seek to dominate the entire region. The age of war is upon the kingdoms, and heroes must use every tool at their disposal to win.
As generals depart for the fight, war advisors counsel to check frequently local taverns for clues of mythical items. Legends tell of ancient artifacts and relics of the past, long rumored to be hidden in these lands which may now turn the tides of war
Strony: [1]