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Strona: [1]
Wersja: Heroes IV - Equilibris
Wielkość: L - Duza
Podziemia: Tak
Ilość graczy: wszystkich: 3 w tym jako ludzie: 2
Sojusze: 0
Język:   Angielski
Autor: HellSpawn
Rozmiar pliku: 224.57 KB
Data dodania: 08.02.2012
Dodał/a: jareQ
Pobrano: 1692 razy Zgłoś niedziałający link
OPIS: Special Win: Defeat all enemies (Heroes, castles and creatures.)
Special Loss: If all of you're allied heroes, creatures, and castles are defeated.
Special Other: 2 human allied players (Red and Blue) vs. 1 computer player (Teal)...If no one has defeated all players within 12 months (365 Days), then any remaining players get 1,000,000 Gold + 1000 for each resource.


Description: The elves ruled for ages. Over time they left away the politics of this realm. Now two new kingdoms entered their territory without invitation. Just what lies beneath the surface? (Average game time is 7 - 12 months.)


Additional Info.: (Recommendations) - Both human allied players should play (Order), and leave the computer (Random)..This map was made for (Expert) difficulty.

Things will start off slow at first, but work with your ally and things will begin to progress.
This map has been refined for better gameplay and fixes which will be listed below.

(Fixes and Mods.)
1. Only 3 total players now - 2 human, 1 computer
2. All portals are 1 way and conditional - (Underground portals require a level 15 hero to pass, and the above ground portal requires a level 25 hero to pass.)
3. The computer AI is much more challenging now, and it's turns don't take as long.

(Thanks to Astral76minor for helping with the AI and map design.)


1. There is a sorceror dwelling that is already taken by (Red).
2. The trading post helps alot.
3. Be ready for war around month 4 - 5.
4. Find all 11 oracles and you'll find a grail and other artifacts.
5. There is a prison holding a high level life hero with artifacts.
6. Town Gate is very important in this map.
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