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Wersja: Heroes IV - The Gathering Storm
Wielkość: XL - Bardzo Duza
Podziemia: Tak
Ilość graczy: wszystkich: 3 w tym jako ludzie: 6
Sojusze: 4
Język:   Angielski
Autor: Samer Akhras
Rozmiar pliku: 203.58 KB
Data dodania: 12.12.2014
Dodał/a: jareQ
Pobrano: 807 razy Zgłoś niedziałający link
OPIS: This is a land once controlled by pirates...
the former king succeeded in isolating the pirates ... in many untold places so no one can free them again....
hundred of years passed away until Fugative Three Princes unlocked ONE of the portals to these places,
Two prisoned Pirate kings are free , and they are united with deadly allience... their goal is freeing the pirates to rule the world again.. not only that they succeeded in spreading some kind of strange item in the air that makes the Pirates who inhale them stronger everyday... in Hope they can break free faster!!!
The leaders of these Pirates are the seven legendary Thiefs hidden somwhere ... it is once told that who ever find them will know the truth!
can u find them?
you have only 24 months b4 the two KINGS Teal and Purple can open the locked places!!!
Strony: [1]