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Strona: [1]
Wersja: Heroes IV - Equilibris
Wielkość: XL - Bardzo Duza
Podziemia: Nie
Ilość graczy: wszystkich: 4 w tym jako ludzie: 4
Sojusze: 0
Język:   Angielski
Autor: HellSpawn
Rozmiar pliku: 165.3 KB
Data dodania: 08.02.2012
Dodał/a: jareQ
Pobrano: 1792 razy Zgłoś niedziałający link
OPIS: Special Win: Defeat all enemies - (Heroes, Castles, Creatures, Etc...)
Special Loss: If all of you're heroes, creatures, and castles are defeated.
Special Other: Cooperative 2 vs. 2... Deathmatch is ok, but much more difficult for certain players.


Description: Designed for Cooperative. Gold is scarce so you'll have to manage your resources well. Plenty of dwellings for each side.
You can only find artifacts by defeating the dragon cave, or by defeating an enemy that has artifacts.


Additional Info.: Best if played from "Intermediate" to "Expert" difficulty..."Impossible" difficulty may not make it possible to play.
This will allow you to gain more experience and resources...

P.S. Computer players only work half-way well in "Advanced" mode with this map.
More additional info. might be submitted, if needed..
This map is the best when played with my music Mod....Email me for more details.
Strony: [1]