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Strona: [1]
Wersja: Heroes V - Podstawowa
Wielkość: XL - Bardzo Duza
Podziemia: Tak
Ilość graczy: wszystkich: 6 w tym jako ludzie: 6
Sojusze: 0
Język:   Angielski
Autor: Myythryyn
Rozmiar pliku: 509.71 KB
Data dodania: 10.09.2014
Dodał/a: Sylath
Pobrano: 2759 razy Zgłoś niedziałający link
OPIS: Every fifty years the Ley Lines align causing a great increase in mana throughout the lands of Androna. This event is known as the Mana Apex. It either brings times of legendary magical feats and prosperity, or dark times of war and destruction. The last Apex was a dark time. War covered the lands, and godlike heroes fought for their faction's supremacy. The war was won by the Haven King Baroc and his loyal heroes, using the powers of heaven itself to control all of Androna. After his death, his heir was deemed unworthy of the crown, and the Angels left Androna. Now the Mana Apex is upon the lands again, and you are not the only one seeking power. It is time for your heroes to move out and conquer all that opposes you!
Strony: [1]